Monday, July 17, 2006

Aren't We All Just A Little Retarded?

In some way, shape, or form, I think we all have a little bit of "Duuuuuh" in us. If any of you have seen the show, "The Mind Of Mencia" then you can understand the concept of, "DER DER Duuuh." If not, then imagine a moment when someone has completely missed the point of a situation and you blurt out, "A, DUUUH!" You have to extend the "Duh" for a while to get the full effect.

Anyways, I recently took an IQ test and found out that my "DUH" is located in my organizational skills. Apparently, I am completely retarded in this aspect of my life. I scored a perfect on my linguistic skills and other areas, but that's neither here nor there. How am I gonna bust out a 21 out of 100 on Organizational Reasoning????? I am feeling highly defeated at this moment. I mean, that's not even passing! That's like, why are you even driving to work? There should be a short bus to take you from point A to point B in life.

With this new found information on my lack of organizational skills, I decided to look into the idea of what defines intelligence. In my opinion, there are many different forms of intelligence which manifest themselves on various levels. In this regard, I also believe that some forms of intelligence are more pertinent that others. For example, and what I am about to say may piss a lot of people off, but, I honestly feel that Hitler and President Bush are geniuses. I am in no way comparing the two as far as political inclinations, but I am merely stating that it takes an incredible amount of emotional, organizational, and rational intelligence to achieve the monumental accomplishments (I'm using the term lightly) that they have. They surpassed certain types of intelligence and honed into a reservoir that made them great.

Now, what makes these too figures different than say, your Nobel Peace prize (Einstein), Pulitzer, or other more academically geared intellectuals? Are scientific and political intelligence mutually exclusive? And if so, is projecting one aspect of intelligent more valid than projecting the other?

Some ponderance.....

I beg the question as to whether or not one can have both and be successful. Politicians have what some would call a certain "Je Ne Sais Quoi." This sort of charismatic quality that eludes description. Both President Bush AND Hitler were able to move hordes of people towards their beliefs and ideals through their ability to appeal whole-heartily to the masses. Does this constitute the highest form of intelligence? I feel it does. Perhaps it is defined as Societal Intelligence: The fascinating ability to know your target and predict their behavior. In these instances, the target was society and their prediction was to immobilize them.

Take, for example, the 2004 election results. The states that voted unanimously for Bush were those with the lowest average IQ scores. Apparently, it takes an ignorant person to fall for the charisma of an elected official. So, it should follow, that the more intelligent you are the more charisma you contain.

For those whose intelligence lies on more scientific means, do they lack charisma? Furthermore, does this lack of charisma translate into a lesser form of intelligence?

There are many people who are brilliant in the eyes of science and technology, so much so, that new developments are charted every day. Today, there is almost nothing that cannot be cured, treated, solved, or understood without the magnificent minds of our scientists. Scientists deal with cold, hard facts. 1 plus 1 always and forever equals 2. There is no need to sway or manipulate the public into believing any ideal. Scientist do, however, have means of manipulating controlled trials as a mean for research. Does this minimize their intellectual persona?

Perhaps it is all relative to what one values in regards to what the ultimate level of intelligence is. Some of my friends noted that maybe it's as simple as those with minimal levels of intelligence resort to charisma while those with high intelligence merely perform without the need to sway anyone from one side to the other. There is some validity in this theory as well. So Dubya and Hilter are actually retarded but can talk a good game, i.e, compose high levels of Societal Intelligence....


My "Der Der Duh" does not afford me the final answer to such a question. But it's an intriguing one, none the less. Political Intelligence Vs. Scientific Intelligence....

Who is actually smarter?


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